We recommend GameTymers for players who are interested in understanding how to play the game of basketball the right way at an early age. Although our son, Miye, was exposed to the game early, he picked up on many areas of the fundamentals of the game at GameTymers. These basic skills contributed immensely to his development as a player. Even at ten years old, we quickly realized we should have brought him sooner. Colin is a good teacher, using each game or practice as an opportunity for his players to learn, as he will let each player know what he did wrong. More importantly, he would teach them how to be better the next time. In hindsight, there are some of the skills that Miye learned during his time at GameTymers that are being noticed at the college level now. We definitely recommend GameTymers for youth basketball player development.


Dot & Yemi Oni | Parents - Miye Oni (Guard - Yale University),